13 Aug 2018

CloudPanel 3.2.0265.0 Beta Available

CloudPanel 3.2.0265.0 has many new exciting features and is almost ready for production. If you would like to assist with beta testing, please let us know! Below is a list of the bigger features implemented into CloudPanel Addition Description Retention Policies CloudPanel is integrating retention policies to┬ámanage email lifecycle and reduce legal risks associated … Continue reading →CloudPanel 3.2.0265.0 Beta Available
28 Jun 2018

Stay Up To Date

We created new pages to help you stay up to date with upcoming changes to CloudPanel and known issues!
21 Feb 2018

CloudPanel 3.2 Available

CloudPanel 3.2 is now available for download. Our latest version includes many enhancements to CloudPanel from speed to more integrations with third-party products such as Connectwise, while keeping the application simple and easy to use; which is our main goal. Download CloudPanel 3.2 today!
12 Nov 2017

Beta online demo is now available!

Interested in trying the new CloudPanel 3.2 BETA yourself? Well you are in luck! We now have an online demo available for you to try. This demo will give you full control of CloudPanel and allow you to provision Exchange resources and even login to Exchange. Please keep in mind that this is a demo … Continue reading →Beta online demo is now available!
24 Oct 2017

CloudPanel 3.2 Beta Available

 The Super Admin and Billing Admin groups need to have the SamAccountName of the security group instead of the "Name". Typically these values are the same in most environments, but if you happen to enter a security group with the name "CloudPanel - Administrators", then most likely the SamAccountName ...
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