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24 Jun 2015

CloudPanel Free & Paid version notification

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am bringing CloudPanel into the company I work for which will allow me to use the HelpDesk for CloudPanel support calls and also multiple programmers to assist in the development of CloudPanel. There will be a free version of CloudPanel and a PAID version of CloudPanel. We are still working out all the details but both versions will contain all features except the only difference is the FREE version will have a user limit. Once I have more details I will be sure to update you.
16 Apr 2015

CloudPanel Transport Agent / Route By Sender updated!

There is a new update to the CloudPanel Transport agent (route by sender) that fixes a problem with Out of Office messages. To download simply log into your account and download the newer version (v1.0.1 for 2010 and v1.0.5 for 2013). To update you need to:
  • Disable the current transport agent by using Exchange shell and running Disable-TransportAgent “CloudPanel Agent”
  • Restart the Exchange transport service
  • You may need to reset IIS or try to recycle the Powershell Application Pool on the Exchange server
  • Replace the TransportAgent.dll in the Public directory of Exchange with the new dll included in the download
  • Re-Enable the transport agent and restart the Exchange transport service
If you have any problems please let me know. Resetting IIS causing disconnects for clients so be sure to do it after hours. If you are interested in purchasing the CloudPanel transport agent then you can click on the Products link at the top of the page. This transport agent allows you to route certain domains out certain send connectors and also helps when you are migrating users to your Cloud server since it will make sure all internal to internal messages to different domains go out the send connector and back in (internal of never leaving Exchange)!
30 Mar 2015

CloudPanel Transport Agent released!

CloudPanel Transport agent has just been released for Exchange 2013 & 2010! This agent handles the following situations:
  • Any internal to internal messages between different domains are routed out a specific Send Connector instead of just keeping the message internal (by default Exchange doesn’t send outside if it is between two Accepted Domains).
  • Delete any internal Out of Office messages that are sent between two Accepted Domains so data is not leaked (because Exchange will send the internal OOF message and not the external OOF message).
  • Route specific domains out specific send connectors! This greatly helps for situations like offering third party Archiving and third party email encryption.
  If you are interested in purchasing this transport agent please go here and purchase for just $295! This includes future upgrades and forum support in case you run into any issues!
26 Mar 2015

How to upgrade CloudPanel from 3.0 to 3.1

This video covers how to upgrade from Legacy CloudPanel 3.0 to the new and improved CloudPanel 3.1. In case you didn’t know, CloudPanel 3.1 was a complete rewrite using a new framework called Nancyfx. This aligned the application more with MVC and opened up a completely new RESTful API!
25 Mar 2015

CloudPanel 3.1 Install and Configure

This video walks you through how to install and configure CloudPanel 3.1 in a new environment. It covers setting up Active Directory, SQL authentication, CloudPanel, and CloudPanel scheduler. It doesn’t go into too much detail but does give you a good starting point with CloudPanel to try or just see how it operates.
17 Mar 2015

Version 3.1.0038 now available!

CloudPanel v3.1.0038 is now available! This update includes some new auditing features and bug fixes that have been submitted by users on the forum and discovered in my production system. I am still working on the installer but this version should resolve installer issues for future versions. Current issues with the installer include removing the CloudPanel virtual directory during upgrades, removing the settings.xml file, and possibly even wiping out the web.config. Make sure you create backups of your database and the CloudPanel folder in case this happens. If you need assist please post on the forums or contact me for further support (support charges will apply).